Popular Interior Painting Trends 2015 in Toronto

The best way to Paint Accent Walls – Popular Interior Painting Trends 2015
In case you like to experiment with paint colours or desire to create a real feeling in the interior of your house, painting an accent wall could be the top idea for you personally, regardless of your accent wall is in your bedroom, in family room, in the kitchen as well as around your hearth.

There are several common questions. This site post will answer those inquiries and provide you some vital accent wall a free accent wall painting quote and also painting hints in GTA and Toronto

When To Paint Emphasis Walls
If you want to add some excitement to your own house
If you only have time for a home improvement project that is quick
Should you want to bring focus to a feature in a space just like graphics or a fireplace.

When you want to incorporate color to some room and experiment with smaller doses of brighter bolder colours.
In the event you want to improve the appearance of your home inside on a tiny budget.

What You’ll Require for Painting an Accent Wall
Cotton cloth
Step Ladder
Step 1: Pick the accent walls you want at the foot of the accent wall to place newspaper & paint.
This can be among the most daunting tasks.
Normally, select a wall you want to feature and bring focus to. Many of the times it is an emphasis wall with a hearth on it, a big wall at the end of a room, a wall where all your furniture will be facing in family room, or a wall having a television onto it.

Move any furniture away from the accent wall that you are painting.
Additionally cover and floors with plastic or dropsheets to shield them.

Step 3: Prep the Emphasis Wall for Painting
When the wall is not clean, clean or dust it as needed.
If there are any damages/holes mend them with sand smooth and polyfilla or plaster
See prime those places that have been plastered
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Measure 4: Paint the Accent Wall
Cut or ‘edge’ in all 4 corners of the emphasis wall with a paint brush. For tips on cutting in and using a paint brush to paint emphasis wall corners, see our “cutting in site”.

Roll the huge spaces of the wall using a paint roller.
Allow the accent wall dry, since it will likely need 2, sometimes 3 jackets, as you are probably using a striking color change in the prevailing colour
Begin the 2nd layer once the paint has dried. Depending on the humidity level ( particularly in Toronto) , it generally takes about 1-2 hours, but you can wait longer in the event you would like. Repeat these steps as many times as you need to so that you can make sure the paint is covered appropriately.

Allow the last layers of your wall dry. Return your furniture to its first location once the accent wall has fully dried and toss of any garbage.
Breathe new life into your house adding an accent color to one of your walls.